Alcohol & Substance Abuse De-Addiction Clinic

Did you know that addiction can be a life-altering ailment that can have serious consequences in your life? Substance abuse can adversely affect your health, relationship, work, finances, and much more. Therefore, it requires comprehensive treatment by experts.

Viveka Hospital is known to be the best de-addiction centre in Kerala, India. We are eminent for offering world-class facilities, wide-ranging and bespoke treatments, and all-inclusive support to patients suffering from serious drug and alcohol issues. You can choose from our inpatient, outpatient and residential care de-addiction programs. It will help you safely recover from the nuisance and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Viveka’s Rehab Program

Viveka Hospital, the best de-addiction centre in Calicut understands that a patient can recover fastest when they are highly comfortable and taken the best care. For that, we introduced our exclusive residential rehab program. In this program, patients can enjoy the same facilities and care as in the hospital. We also offer an inpatient rehab program at our hospital facility. We treat patients through medications, counselling, psychotherapies, and pharmacotherapy. Our team of experts including general physicians, highly competent psychiatrists and psychologists ensure effective treatment and the best patient care. Therefore, our experts work to manage other addictions as well. For example, internet obsession, addictions caused by opiates and other narcotics, marijuana, and alcohol abuse, and hallucinogens like LSD and MDMA.

Our rehab programs feature two modules: the start phase and the recovery phase. In the start phase, our experts treat patients through a radical medically monitored detox procedure. In the next phase, we treat the patient’s withdrawal symptoms and addiction cravings (that they are likely to experience after they get rid of the substance abuse). We understand that the process is quite complicated and life-threatening. Hence, we offer 24-hour expert care and medical support to our valued patients. We have designed the residential rehab program to disconnect patients from the outside world, enabling them to fully concentrate on their recovery and better health.

Patient Counselling

We adopt a comprehensive de-addiction treatment approach by combining substance-specific treatment and innovative therapies to boost your chances of recovering. Our endorsed and effective rehab program and therapies include individual and group counselling sessions. We also offer some useful daily activities that may include counselling sessions, discussions and meetings. These serve as additional support for the patients, helping the patients return to normal life. Moreover, group therapies are effective in building an overall sense of communal support that can fast-track the recovery process.

During the counselling sessions, we help patients identify psychological and social elements that can lead to a decline and teach them how to deal with these triggers. It helps condense the patient’s risk of relapse and supports long-term recovery. This approach is also highly effective in creating self-awareness and educating how to cope with the individual addiction problem.




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