Schizophrenia Clinic


Schizophrenia Clinic

Viveka Hospital’s Schizophrenia Clinic is esteemed to offer remarkable clinical care for people suffering from schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders and related conditions.

We also offer support services for sufferers’ families. Our clinical services encompass inpatient, residential and outpatient care. Schizophrenia is one of the most chronic and severe mental health conditions that damage your ability to think, behave, remark reality and socialize. So, the sufferers struggle in their relations and social lives.

What Treatment Do We Offer?

Though, schizophrenia condition cannot be 100% cured but can be well-managed through effective treatment. Experts have researched to develop innovative and safe therapies to manage schizophrenia symptoms. The research included examining genetics, conducting behavioural studies, and using imaging techniques to study brain structure and function, schizophrenia causes, and schizophrenia types. This has enabled the experts to develop pioneering and highly effective treatments and schizophrenia medications.

Viveka Hospital is one of the leading medical health facilities for schizophrenia treatment and professional and public awareness. Our world-class treatment can be a life-changing experience for patients. Our highly qualified, and competent team of specialists examine your condition to tailor the treatment for you. Viveka’s residential treatment for schizophrenia is adapted to the specific needs of each patient and is managed by psychiatrists and mental wellness experts.


The Procedure

Primary Assessment

Our experts carefully examine each patient’s condition. And when it comes to residential care, our team conducts one-to-one sessions, interviews with family members, medication analysis, and investigates the mental, medical and health history. We also offer group sessions to help the sufferer feel comfortable from the start.

Involving the Family Members

At Viveka, we believe that mental illness is very much related to your environment and circumstances. So, we have a practice of involving family members in the treatment procedure. For that, our therapist conducts regular sessions with them

Wide-ranging Treatment

Viveka is proud to offer a wide-ranging treatment to patients. For that, our therapist schedules two sessions per week and uses the most appropriate behavioural therapies for treatment. While other treatments that we offer to include schizophrenia medication, alternative therapies, group therapies, coaching life skills, family therapies, and any other support that patients may need to recover faster.

Empathetic Care

At Viveka, we believe that empathy and the right support are the best medication for mental health issues. Our exclusive resident care treatment includes working with the patient and their families. For that, we conduct group therapy sessions per week to develop robust social connections and skills to fast-track recovery.

Long-Term Care

We hope to provide the best schizophrenia treatment to our patients that have long-lasting positive impacts on their health and well-being. Our long-term residential care treatment enables patients to adopt positive attitudes which prove to be a lifesaver.



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