About Us


About Us

We are the Best Psychiatric Hospital in Calicut that supports all kinds of psychotherapy, including individual, family, and group therapy, to treat emotional and psychological discomfort. Our Psychiatric Consultants are experts in delivering individualised care and practical behavioural management approaches for treating mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders, among other things.
Viveka Hospital addresses the wide range of complex and diverse mental health needs of its patients. With a strong focus on the intersection of physical illness and mental health, our expert team can effectively treat treatment-resistant depression and mood disorders, anxiety and phobias, psychotic disorders, dissociative and personality disorders, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, and many other psychiatric conditions. One of the primary advantages of our hospital being Located in the City of Calicut in Kerala as an established medical Centre is that we have access to an array of experts all over the country who can help us determine the root causes of our patient's mental health issues.

The Founding Father- Dr. K Abdu Rahiman

Viveka hospital - One of the Best Psychiatric Hospitals in Calicut was established in 1978 by Late Dr K Abdul Rahiman as the first psychiatric specialty hospital in the state of Kerala. We have been in continuous operation for the past 45 years, absorbing and adapting to changes in the field of psychiatry over four and a half decades.

Dr. Sabu Rahiman

He has more than 25 years of expertise in the field of psychiatry. Schizophrenia, adolescent problems, general psychiatry and addiction are some of the fields of expertise of Dr. Sabu Rahiman.
The honourable Dr Sabu Rahiman is the Managing Director and Head of Psychiatry Department of Viveka Hospital in Kerala. He has been providing exemplary service to the hospital since July 1996, holding a variety of prominent roles.
He is also making a positive contribution to the progress of psychiatry by exerting practical efforts. He has organised and participated in many psychiatric conferences, meetings, and workshops both national and international to achieve this goal specifically.

Taking Up the Challenge Of #Breakingthestigma

Mental illness affects an estimated 450 million people worldwide, making it one of the leading causes of ill health and disability in the world today. The stigma associated with mental illness has always been the greatest challenge. Starting with little initiatives and a strong desire to help those with mental illness, Viveka has become the Best psychiatric hospital in Kerala and has offered thousands of needy people hope for a brighter future.

Our Vision
"Mental Wellness for Everyone"

The mission of our organisation is to educate the public about the mental illnesses that are prevalent in our country and to redirect them in the direction of proper and safe treatment. With this goal in mind, we aim to provide the best possible mental health and rehabilitation services in Kozhikode to all mentally ill. While also participating in studies to improve our understanding of the complexities of mental illness, we hope to teach and develop future mental health practitioners.
We are dedicated to incorporating mental health ideas into all health policy levels. We will not stop until we achieve this goal. We want to live in a culture where excellent mental health practices are valued and understood and where persons with mental illnesses are treated with respect, fairness, and dignity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our patients and their families by providing them with world-class, cutting-edge psychiatric care.

At Viveka Hospital, we pursue our purpose by providing the following services:
  • A comprehensive system of mental health management
  • Up-to-date treatment alternatives
  • Highly educated and trained mental health professionals
  • An emphasis on research to localise psychiatric knowledge
  • Dedicated service around the clock
  • Community outreach with subsidised fees and free camps
  • Round the clock dedicated service
Encouraging Mental Health and Well-Being

While we continue to emphasise the need of responding to mental illness, we are increasingly focusing on fostering mental health and well-being. At Viveka, we focus on the recovery model that is the foundation of our approach to care. We provide therapy that assists people in becoming and being healthy, allowing them to reach their full potential. Lastly and most importantly, no matter how long someone has struggled with a mental health issue or how much it has altered their life, we think that change is possible.
Our integrated psychiatry services make it feasible for us to meet the patients' mental health and social care requirements, making us the Best psychiatric hospital in Calicut/Kozhikode. In particular, we emphasise early intervention, which means getting help to people sooner and supporting them at an earlier stage in their lives – particularly for children and adolescents. Our work is about making a difference in people's lives, not just for them individually but also in conjunction with them.

What Makes Viveka Hospital in The City of Calicut Psychiatry Services Specialized?

To fulfil our commitment to healing both body and mind, we at Viveka place a strong emphasis on assisting patients in thriving by taking an integrated and collaborative approach to complex psychiatric problems. Viveka Hospital’s Psychiatry Services offers patients the complete treatment they require to achieve improved health and the highest possible quality of life via integrating a team-based structure, clinical knowledge, and medical innovation, among other things.

Our esteemed patients choose us for the following services:
Custom Approach to Each Patient

From the most common to the most complex psychiatric disorders, including 24/7 patient support, expert care tailored to each patient's specific requirements is provided.

Expert Opinion

The experts at the top of their fields are dedicated to treating the individual by addressing mental disease and any underlying medical disorders.

Friendly Environment

Providing a secure, discreet, and compassionate environment for patients while they strive towards recovery are the goals of both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities.

World-Class Programs

One-of-a-kind programs and services designed to treat complex mental, behavioural, and physical disorders while also assisting patients in their daily lives.

Extra Care and Support

We encourage self-management to the greatest extent feasible and, as a result, teach patients skills that will allow them to lead everyday lives. Many people suffering from mental illnesses find life difficult; we help by providing assistance and skill training.

Excellent Clinical Care

Provide high-quality clinical care in a caring environment that respects an individual's dignity while promoting their ability to make decisions for themselves. We adhere to international standards, and we have excellent systems, policies, and personnel in place to provide the most effective care possible.

Highly Qualified Doctors and Competent Team

Our doctors and staff are incredibly well-versed in their fields. Knowledge, skills, and kindness are the three most important characteristics that we seek when hiring new employees at our hospital.

Latest Diagnosis

Our performance evaluation and supervision systems are designed to ensure that the highest levels of competence are maintained all the time. Our doctors and team members are updated with the latest research to make informed decisions for patients.

Every day, one-on-one attention.

Every day, each patient gets scheduled one-on-one sessions with specially trained professionals. Session topics include problem-solving, relaxation training, stress management, anger management, anxiety management, and relapse prevention, to mention a few. Other topics covered include anger management, anxiety management, and relapse prevention.

Every day, one-on-one attention.

Every day, each patient gets scheduled one-on-one sessions with specially trained professionals. Session topics include problem-solving, relaxation training, stress management, anger management, anxiety management, and relapse prevention, to mention a few. Other topics covered include anger management, anxiety management, and relapse prevention.

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