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Dr.Khadeeja Faheema C.A

Khadeeja Faheema C.A

Khadeeja Faheema C.A is an experienced psychologist who is passionate about aiding individuals with their mental health. As a member of the Psychology Circle Association, she stays updated with the latest field advancements, providing patients with effective, evidence-based treatments. She specializes in conducting psychometric assessments, providing insights into patients' psychological functioning, aiding her in tailoring treatments. Khadeeja also offers counselling sessions, focusing on coping skills and overall mental well-being. She works with individuals with anxiety, developmental disorders, substance use disorders, and relationship issues.

She collaborates with healthcare professionals for holistic care, developing comprehensive treatments for patients. Currently, she contributes significantly to Viveka Hospital in Kerala, being lauded by patients and peers alike for her empathetic service and stress reduction techniques. Her dedication to providing high-quality mental healthcare is evident in her commitment to professional development and patient support.

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  • Our psychologist Ms.Khadeeja Faheema C A is proficient in conducting comprehensive psychometric tests and assessments to examine personality traits, intelligence, and neuropsychological functioning.
  • With the insights gleaned from these assessments, she gains an in-depth understanding of her patients' mental health status, enabling her to customise her therapeutic interventions to fit their unique needs.
  • She has a particular specialisation in dealing with individuals affected by anxiety disorders, developmental disorders, substance use disorders, and relationship issues.
  • She takes on a pivotal role in treatment planning and collaboratively engages with other healthcare professionals to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach to patient care.
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